Shipping Solution

No matter how big or small your project is, we will find a way to send it to you. The Island Shipping Company gives you options to ship your order. Whether by air or by sea, we will find the right method to save you time and money. Being that we are located in Hawaii, most of our products will be sent out from Hawaii saving you money on shipping.

Product Management

We will search for any consumer or commercial products in Hawaii and online that you're interested in. Just complete the Product Request Form detailing your required products and we'll reply back with a price quote. We will do everything we can to get you what you need for you or your business.

Creative Strategy

Our creative approach is finding the best deals and products that are most suitable for you. Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions that are available to deliver your products to you, saving you time and money.

Welcome to the Island Shipping Company!

  • Community BuildingNo matter where you are located in the Pacific, our goal is to find the the right shipping solution for you. The Island Shipping Company is building its community by earning our clients' trust through our shipping services.
  • FAQsCheck out the FAQs page for a list of commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed on the FAQs page, send us an email and we will answer your specific question.
  • SolutionsOur creative solution is to find the right product at the right price for you. We have a number of vendors that will match your price. Go to our solution page to learn more about the process of our business works.
  • FormsUnder solutions tab, you will find web forms. These forms are Product Request Form and Feedback form. Fill the form and send it, someone will contact you shortly.
  • ServicesClick here to see the full map of the islands we are servicing today. Also, check out this page to learn about the different freight services we offer such as air, commercial ship, pallet and container shipping.
  • Secure online paymentWe have invested time and money to ensure that your transaction such as payment process is completely secured with the latest SSL certificates. Click on this link to learn more about SSL.
  • AccountsInterested in getting an account with us. Creating an account with us will help you by giving us the information we need to better serve you.
  • ProductsExplore our line of consumer and commercial products from vendors in Hawaii and on the Internet. If we do not have a product that you are looking for, complete the Product Request Form to initiate your product request.
  • Contact UsThe Contact Us page is the place to send us non-product request emails. Send us your feedback on our services or any other questions you may have to help us to better help you.